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Ramundas GM – company successfully operating in Europe and Lithuania since 2002, which manufactures  EPAL, CP, single-use and non-standard wooden pallets, bio-fuel and pallet boards.


As the group of companies encompass the whole wood production chain from wood planting to production sale, this way steady supply of raw materials, explicit manufacturing process and production delivery are ensured where and when necessary.


Our success principles:


  • The highest production quality. New machinery used in manufacture is characterized by its precision and durability, what ensures high quality of our products.
  • Delivery on time. Goods are delivered in Europe throughout 7 days.
  • Modern pallet design software. Professionals who work in “Ramundas” take into account the client’s needs therefore can design any pallet and offer the most appropriate pallet for the lowest price.
  • Vast experience. Company has gained invaluable experience in field of wood market putting all efforts to establish long-lasting relationship with its customers and partners.
In the whole group of companies more than 150 workers are engaged.

Ramundas GM office is established in Vilnius. Sawmills, warehouses and transport fleet are located in Rokiskis region, Obeliai. With the effective usage of investments, company has a great potential to become the biggest pallet manufacturer in Lithuania. The production is constantly monitored by SGS (Germany) quality experts, ISO 9001:2008 quality management system is introduced in the company, steady staff qualifications are implemented.


In 2008 production was certified by EPAL (European Pallet Association) and new license for producing EUR pallets was delivered. Ramundas GM is one of founders of Lithuania Pallet Producer Association which later evolved to EPAL National Committee for Baltic States. Company’s production was certified also by other European organizations and was provided with following licenses: Chemical Industry (CP), VMF, EPAL EUR. IPPC license proclaim that heat treated production satisfy ISPM15 standard requirements. 

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