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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy
RAMUNDAS GM, UAB takes care of the security of your personal data. We are committed to protecting and managing your personal data responsibly.
In this policy, we provide information on how we handle personal data through cookies while you are browsing our website.
Our site uses only functional cookies that are required to support your website.
Cookie - what is it?
A cookie is a small file sent to your computer or other device (such as a mobile phone) when you visit a website and saved in your browser. The cookie is downloaded to your computer or other device to save the data, and the company responsible for installing this cookie could restore and update it. The cookies we use cannot identify a person, so your identity is protected.
Cookie features
Different types of cookies perform different functions. Cookies can be categorized according to their purpose, storage time, and their location on the site. Below are the cookies we use on our site.
Cookie types:
Types of cookies used may include sessions, permanent, or first or third party cookies.
Permanent cookies are used to securely store your login information and remember future visits to our site. A permanent cookie is a cookie that is stored as a file on your computer, where it stays, even if you close the web browser. This cookie can only be read by the website server that created the cookie.
Session cookies are used to enable certain features of our site, to track sharing and web traffic. Unlike regular cookies, when you close your browser, all recorded session cookies are deleted from your computer. Typically, your computer saves anonymous session identifiers on your computer, which means you can browse the site and remain an anonymous user.
First-party cookies are our own cookies that we use to improve your experience. They are linked to a person’s personal information. No third party has access to the information we collect through our cookies. Often this is the tracking of your chosen items, or the time it takes to track your page.
Third-party cookies are cookies used by third parties to provide services on our site, which include cookies used for advertising, image-based cookies, cookies used for maps, cookies used for security, and others. They place these cookies on your device when you visit our site, which helps them to provide services.
Description of cookies used on the website of RAMUNDAS GM, UAB
Cookie Name Application Location Cookie Purpose Valid
_utma Separates visitors and browsing sessions. 2 month
_utmb Sets new sessions / user-initiated browsing. 1 day
_utmc Identifies new visitors at the end of the browsing session. During the session
_utmz Provides information on how a visitor reaches the page / where they come from - web search, other site and the like. During the session
_utmt Register how fast the user was served from the place of interest. 6 months
Meter_106, 119, 12, 13, 151, 37, 42, 7, 87 Allows the user to select the quantity of goods of interest, order units. 1 day
We also use third-party integrated cookies on the site that are required to use the site’s services. They need us to open the site and browse it properly.
Third-party cookies:
A) Google Analytics. Measures the traffic of users’ site visits, sends information about functional disorders.
To learn more about Google’s privacy policy, please read here:
We are not responsible for the privacy policies of third parties (suppliers, recipients, customers or other companies or service providers) and compliance with them, or for compliance with legal regulations, so please visit third party / party websites independently to find out how your personal data will be processed after the date of service.
How do you opt out of cookies?
You can choose which cookies to use or refuse certain cookies at any time by changing your browser settings. Here are instructions for doing this:
Complete blocking of websites
1. In your browser, select Tools »Internet options.
2. In the browser options, click Privacy.
3. Click the Site button.
4. Add the domain you want to block and click the Block button.
Deleting individual cookies
1. In your browser, select Tools »Internet options.
2. In the browser options, click General.
3. Press the Settings button after Browsing history.
4. Press the View files button.
5. Select the cookies you want to delete.
6. Press the Delete button on the File menu.
7. Press OK.
Deleting all cookies
1. In your browser, select Tools »Internet options.
2. In the browser options, click General.
3. Press the Delete button after the Browsing history.
4. Check the box next to Cookies.
5. You can choose to save cookies and temporary Internet files for your favorite websites: check the box next to the Preserve Favorites website data.
For information on the use of data for Google advertising purposes, settings and objections to the information we collect, please visit the Google website:
(select: "Use Data in Google Company when You Visit Our Partners’ Websites or Smart Gadgets");
2. (Use of Data for Advertising Purposes);
3. ("Manage the information Google uses to display your ad");
4. ("You decide which ad you can show on Google).
If you want your computer or other device not to store cookies, you can choose to receive a message in your browser settings before saving any cookie.
You can also set the browser to reject all or some cookies at once. You can also remove cookies that have already been saved on your computer or other device.
Please note that in this case you will need to select the settings for each browser and device you are using.
Each browser has a different method of customizing settings. If necessary, use the help function of your browser to select the settings correctly.
We need to alert you that, if you opt out of using our cookies, many of your site’s features may not work and your information will be erased.
Securing data with cookies
Your personal data collected by Cookie is processed in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, the Law on Electronic Communications of the Republic of Lithuania, the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and other legal acts regulating data protection.
In accordance with legal requirements, we apply security measures to prevent the unauthorized disclosure, copying, loss or other unauthorized use of your personal data.
Using plugins on a website (Google Analytics and other Google apps)
Marketing links
RAMUNDAS GM, UAB is a marketing service from the Google AdWords program owned by the Google Corporation when it advertises on Google. For this purpose, Google uses cookies to analyze user habits, location, time spent on websites, hobbies, IP addresses, and other information needed to offer services. Also, when you click on a map link uploaded to our site, Google Corporation receives data about you, including your hobbies.
To opt out of this cookie information, the user is advised to be able to visit a website where you may refuse to provide this type of information to Google Corporation. This is simply done by entering or in the search box: Google’s Ads Preferences Manager, as well as signing in to your personal email. email account gmail, Google Disk Disk, G Suite applications, and change settings provided by Google Privacy Policy, or collect the Google opt-out management phrase in the search box and follow the step-by-step policy by Google Corporation.
Using Google Analytics uses Google Analytics, an online client traffic analysis software developed and run by Google Corporation. Google Analytics uses cookies that are in the form of a text file (PIXELS) and are placed on the user’s computer to analyze how the user is using the page: how long they are using the website, how much time they spend on the page. The information the Google Corporation receives from cookies is collected and stored on a server in the US territory. Google uses the ’_ anonymizeIP ()’ feature in the EU Data Protection Regulation to allow the IP address to be shortened to a number assigned to EU countries, thus masking the IP address and impersonating the user. In this way, only their personalized information reaches their servers. Also, Google Corporation claims that the data collected by companies based in the European Union is processed by their company in Ireland, and that the information is then directed to the data bases in Europe.
The use of cookies as described in the preceding paragraphs may be disabled. When certain cookies are disabled, some features of the website will no longer work.
Additional information
For more information on cookies, please visit the following websites:
Online Privacy Instructions
While browsing the Facebook website and visiting our profile RAMUNDAS GM, UAB, you will agree to the Facebook Company’s standard terms and conditions, as well as to the processing of your personal data under the Facebook Company Terms. RAMUNDAS GM, UAB by participating in social networking activities collects and processes your data only if you personally transmit the desired data RAMUNDAS GM, UAB, that is: you write a query, a letter, click on the “like” button and so on. Facebook Group manages your personal data independently of the needs of RAMUNDAS GM, UAB.
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