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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy
In this Privacy Policy, we describe how we, RAMUNDAS GM, UAB handle your personal data (eg how we collect, use, disclose, store and protect your personal data). We also provide information about your rights as a data subject.
RAMUNDAS GM, UAB is a data controller and is responsible for collecting, using, disclosing, storing and protecting your personal information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, internal policies and regulations, and other applicable national and European legislation establishing guidelines for data security.
Identity and contact details of the controller:
Gabijos str. 30 Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: +370 612 26202
Categories of personal data processed
We handle the following categories of your personal data:
General dentification data - name, surname, company name, position of employee.
Contact details - email, phone number, address, workplace address.
Digital / electronic data - cookies, IP address, use of websites and social networks, and other data publicly available on the Internet.
Order receiving details: first name, surname, photos, email address, phone, address, quantity, other information you provide.
Invoice Details: Company Name, Code, Address, Phone, Email Mail, contact person, name, position, name, surname, contact person, individual activity or business certificate data of the responsible person; bank account, account holder name, surname, country.
How do we get your data?
About you we receive information from the following sources:
A) by a letter from you.
B) communicating with you by phone, e-mail;
How long do we keep your data?
We have a statutory obligation to collect certain data that we have provided to us.
Accounting records (transfers, payments received, debts data) are stored for 10 years from the date of the financial transaction.
Cookie information is stored as specified in the Cookie Policy.
We collect your query information, which we store for no longer than 30 days after you no longer take any active action.
With your consent, we may also agree on a different retention period.
Why do we disclose your data?
We disclose your data only to the extent necessary and in the form required to achieve the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy.
Data is only disclosed to partners with whom we have signed agreements that protect your rights with respect to the protection of your personal data.
In some cases, we have the right / obligation to disclose your data to public authorities (for example, to investigative bodies, tax administrations, the State Data Protection Inspectorate, the Bank of Lithuania), but only in accordance with established legal obligations.
We store your personal data in CRM systems, One Drive, DropBox, Google Drive; also - on the server of the email system provider:. We store and manage video data only within the company. All your data, except those provided via e-mail, and sent through banking systems, are stored on our company server in Lithuania.
Where do we process your data?
In order to perform our activities, we must process your personal data in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy. We handle your personal data in the EU and in other countries. If our service providers handle your personal data in countries where there is insufficient protection of your rights, we will carefully assess all the circumstances and take appropriate measures to ensure that your rights to the proper processing of personal data are not violated. We will ensure that you have access to your rights and effective remedies.
How do we use your data?
We handle your personal data in accordance with the statutory requirements defined in the Personal Data Protection Law, the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act and other applicable legislation.
We manage your personal data in accordance with legitimate interests. Legitimate Interests is a thorough consideration of the interests of our company that are required for our operations, information and system security (software that protects data loss, malware protection, network security). In order to ensure that our interests are aligned with your interests, we carry out an assessment of the necessity of each processing operation based on a legitimate interest.
In accordance with our legitimate interest, we process your personal data for the following purposes:
1. To provide our products and services that best meet your needs.
If you would like to opt out of our direct marketing messages, at any time inform us of the fact that you do not wish your contact details to be used for direct marketing or the UNSUBSCRIBE link in our letters.
2. Respond to your requests.
3. To conclude a service or supply / purchase contract.
4. Selection for the purpose of organizing drba space.
5. For the purpose of receiving goods.
6. For the purpose of meeting financial obligations.
7. Asset Protection.
In all cases, we take into account your interests and the rights granted by data protection legislation when we process your personal data in accordance with our legitimate interest.
You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data for the purposes of our legitimate interest. If you wish to object, please contact the above contacts. Please note that we may continue processing if, following our legitimate interest, it is in compliance with your freedoms and rights and the law governing the security of data and the lawfulness of information processing.
Your rights
1. You have the right to apply for the scope of your data processing (by e-mail:
Your requests will be processed within one month.
You have the right at any time to access your personal data, the purposes for which it is processed, the categories, sources, recipients, storage period and rights, including the right to receive a copy of the personal data we process.
2. You are entitled to the portability of your data which is processed automatically. We will provide you with data in an automated readable Excel or other standard format document for storage or disclosure to other service providers. You can also contact us to submit your personal data to another data controller, but we can only do this if the transfer is technically possible.
3. You can apply for correction of inaccurate or incomplete data. You may correct or supplement your personal data by contacting us and providing correct or additional data. If the accuracy of your personal data is contested, your data processing may be restricted at your request for a period of time during which we may verify the accuracy of the data.
4. You have the right to restrict the processing of your data. This means that we will protect your data, but we will not use it.
5. You also have the right to have your personal data deleted, but only in one of the following statutory cases:
5.1. Your data is no longer needed to achieve the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed;
5.2. You have revoked your consent if there is no legal basis for processing the data;
5.3. You are opposed to data processing based on our legitimate interest. We will limit the processing of your data until your interests are confirmed; If your prerogatives were established, we will delete your data at your request;
5.4. When the data processing is illegal, you can request that the processing be restricted or the data deleted. In the absence of a legitimate justification, we will not delete or limit the processing of your data.
6. You have the right to contact us at any time if you believe we have violated your rights under the Data Protection Act.
7. You have the right to apply to the State Data Protection Inspectorate for the processing of your personal data processed illegally.
Processing of personal data of children under 14 years of age
There is no deliberate processing of the personal data of children on our website or company.
Policy update
This policy can be updated. Please visit from time to time to see if you are familiar with the latest version of the Privacy Policy.
Existing Policy Review Date: 2019-05-08
Opposition to Privacy Policy
In all cases, if you are in contradiction with the Policy or have any other questions, please contact or upon arrival at Gabijos str. 30 Vilnius, Lithuania.
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