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Sawdust briquettes

Sawdust briquettes

Sawdust briquettes

Sawdust briquettes are suitable for use in solid fuel boilers and fireplaces. They are produced from pure sawdust by German company RUF presses according to the German technology. It is organic fuel having DIN 51731, no chemical additives and binding materials are used in its production. If compared with unprocessed wood fuel, briquettes have much smaller moisture content, bigger density; therefore they have higher thermal value. One ton of briquettes are adequate to 3.5-4 m³ firewood (20% moisture). Briquettes are produced from hardwood sawdust. They are rectangular-shaped sawdust briquettes.


  • Moisture content 6,2%,
  • Ash-content 1,1%,
  • Sulphur content below 0,05%,
  • Thermal value up to 18897 kJ/kg.



155x65x(75-100) mm

Packaging: plastic bags 10 kg ± 1,5% per pack


Pallet contains:

  • 96 bags – 1000 kg;
  • 105 bags – 1100 kg;
  • Different quantity of bags can be loaded on the pallet upon the client’s request.
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